Testing foaming agent

Periodic quality tests FA

It is recommended that foam stocks, that are not stored in factory sealed packaging, are annual tested. Varuflex has a comprehensive and advanced  laboratory. A distinction is made between four different testing procedures:

1. An analysis of the FA to assess whether the FA is used for fighting purposes.

2. A refraction test to assess whether the blending rate of the FA matches the type of FA and the set value of the intermediate mixer.

3. A complete analysis of fire tests on hydrocarbons.

4. A complete analysis of fire tests on hydrocarbons and polar liquids.

Analyzing or testing your FA can be performed easily and inexpensively.

Download here the form to test your Foam agent.

How do I get a good FA sample?

Foam samples must be representative of your current stock and therefore one of the following means should be taken.

  • At 200 ltr drums you have to, before taking a sample, simply take the drum and roll it over several times to mix the FA and then the sample can be taken from above.
  • Foam tanks should routinely be circulated so that the FA can mix and the test sample can be taken through the valve.

As alternative there can be taken three samples, namely the top, the middle and of the bottom. From the middle one uses a hollow tube. From the bottom one uses a hollow tube with a side exhaust or drain the FA away from the valve. The three samples may then be mixed to provide a representative mixture.